America the Beautiful?
We’re hoping more of us are now woke to the experiences of indigenous, Black and brown people in this country and why some may have the “nope, not today” feels on this 4th of July.
By Latanya Hilton   |   July 05, 2020

If you’re not in tune, just watch this video by Movement for Black Lives to catch up.

Can we pause and reflect on the patriotic and painful story of our country’s origin as well as consider the possibilities of a nation we are working to evolve? Juneteenth (June 19) and Independence Day (July 4) are just two weeks apart yet there doesn’t seem to be a wider chasm in the United States right now. So how will we #RemixIndependenceDay?

One thing is for sure...the stakes are high. 

It's become clear that the votes Americans cast this year will significantly impact present and future generations to come.

With so many urgent and critical issues at the heart of the 2020 elections, The Ambassadors Circle is on an empathy building campaign to encourage all of us to Vote With Love.




Vote With Love is a nonpartisan campaign with a goal to grow empathy and help voters prepare to cast a more thoughtful and informed vote. 

We know love means different things to different people yet most would agree... it ain’t for the faint of heart. In fact, the kind of love we’re talking about takes courage, effort, empathy, patience and kindness. 

So at a time when frustration, fear and apathy is trying to rule the day, introducing heavy doses of empathy and LOVE into our votes is just what our country needs.

If you’re feelin’ this, will you help us by doing one of the following?

  1. Help us #RemixIndependenceDay by posting your answer to this question on social media “How will you #VoteWithLove?” or share your answer with just us by clicking here.
  2. Support our efforts and be among the first to rock ethically and sustainably made Vote With Love shirts and masks @
  3. Connect with our campaign Instagram account @vote_with_love.

We are approaching a huge milestone in determining the priorities and next steps of our country. It is up to each and every one of us to use our voice.

This year, we invite you to have some heart and let love play a part.