The Stakes Are High
When The Ambassadors Circle was founded in 2016, we set out to build a collective that would support changemakers and help them do more good. The stakes were high then and they are even higher now.
By Latanya Hilton   |   March 27, 2020

As we’ve been sheltering in place in response to COVID-19, we've heard from folks around the Circle and no one has been left unscathed. The organizations we’ve been working with had big-impact 2020 plans including several major events. Like the rest of the world, all of these in person events that took hundreds of collective hours to produce were cancelled in the blink of an eye. 

The changemakers we support that are working on behalf of crime survivors, communities vulnerable to corporate abuse, movement leaders, the environment, and women of color are quickly pivoting. At the same time, our gig economy Ambassadors and partners who provide creative direction, produce events, deliver artistic performances and create impactful content are feeling the almost unbearable weight of an already tough entrepreneurial grind.


We are certain we will still bring a huge impact in 2020 but to keep it all the way real, our foundation has been rocked.  

Nevertheless, we persist.

The Ambassadors Circle believes that we are stronger together than apart. We’re working closely with our clients and partners to pivot to creative digital strategies, we’re advising leaders on how to fundraise through crisis, and we’re bolstering our support and knowledge sharing opportunities with our fellow gig economy tribe.

Now, more than ever, is when we hope you will continue supporting us as we renew our commitment to inspire, connect and equip us around the Circle to do more good.

Please know that we remain committed to doing more good every single day.