TAC Services

Our mission to mobilize people to do more good doesn’t just include podcasts. We also provide customized consulting services to a small portfolio of mission driven clients. These personally referred clients have all learned that their brand and relationships are the keys to their success. Sometimes, however, due to strained bandwidth, constantly evolving priorities and resources constantly in flux, managing these important relationships have a hard time making it to the top of the to-do list.  

Our services division, TAC Services, will curate a team of youthful, yet seasoned professionals that have deep expertise in a variety of areas including strategic fund development, media and communications, training & education, and non-profit organization development. Together, we develop Brand Enhancement and Relationship Management strategies that work to help craft more productive conversations and memorable experiences that deepen bonds with our client’s key stakeholders.

We understand that creating great impressions must be elegantly simple while at the same time sophisticated, nuanced for certain audiences, and most of all mindful of creating positive bonds. We are at our best when we are buying time back for our executive clients typically stretched way too thin.  Whether acting as a strategic thought partner or helping to manage an important project from beginning to end we leverage unique experiences, specialty skill sets and a ton of creativity!

We are at their service.

p.s. Stay tuned for great podcast stories with our clients on center mic!