Survivors Speak Texas 2019
Watch footage from Survivors Speak Texas 2019
By Latanya Hilton   |   April 26, 2019

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice bus from all over Texas to advocate for investments in programs and policies that stop the cycle of crime and support survivors. The very first #SurvivorsSpeak Texas brings together a community of Texans who are healing through action and hoping you will join them in advocating for those that are the most harmed and least helped.

I Am A Survivor.  200 crime survivors from all over the state of Texas bus to the State Capitol to declare "I am a Survivor!" for the first ever #SurvivorsSpeak Texas 2019 presented by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.

“Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice Reminded me that my victimization isn't who I am… but because of my victimization I have the opportunity to change the world.” - Mariah

Healing Through Action.  200 Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice gather on the steps of the Texas State Capitol to declare that pain can be healed through action and together, with the voices of survivors at the center, we can reform our criminal justice system by creating new safety priorities!

Storytelling: David Austin Price.  “For far too many of us when violence happens it’s the end of the story. And it should be. It should be the prologue. That’s what it should be.” - David

Pain into power.

Love what matters. 

Storytelling: Cathy Taylor. Hear Cathy Taylor's story.

Storytelling: Keith Davis. Hear Keith's story.