When it comes to changing the world for the better, we know first hand that it ain’t always easy!

Whether turning a vision into a strategic plan, raising dollars to scale an impactful project or figuring out how to communicate a complex theory of change into engaging digital media, we know one thing for certain… do gooders need more support. After decades of working with change makers, we have learned that we are stronger together than apart. If your organization is working to do good in one of our nine passion areas and need some help… let us help you fill the gaps!
The Ambassadors Circle, LLC curates strategic consulting and production services to help you move the masses and change the world.  We curate experienced artists, creatives and strategists (typically from underrepresented communities) to build a rockstar team that will bring your initiative, campaign or story to life.  Have a project or initiative we can collaborate on?  Our approach is rooted in decades of experience and a huge dose of creativity.  Check out our offerings below and let’s do more good - together.

Consulting Services

360 Fundraising Plans
Board Development & Onboarding 
Brainstorming & Visioning 
Brand Enhancement

Curated Services

Communications, Media & Press Relations
Concierge and VIP Services 
Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Narrative Development & Storytelling

Apparel & Merchandising

Ethical & Sustainable Options
Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Packaging, Shipping and Handling

Production Services

Artist & Performer Curation 
Cinematography & Photography
Digital Media (Podcast, Social Media, Videos) Production
Live & Virtual Event Production 
Original Music for Films & Podcasts
Program Design & Speaker Preparation