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Press Play Now Rewind Guest Information


We know time is precious, so thanks in advance for taking a moment to learn more about your nomination to be a guest on Press Play Now Rewind. One of our Ambassadors thinks this could be right up your alley!

The Ambassadors Circle

We are a unique membership collective that mobilizes social influencers to promote balance, intelligence, health, nature, progress, and the bond between positive people. With a network of handcrafted podcasts as our engine, we blend culture forward and intellectually stimulating content to galvanize people like us.

About Press Play Now Rewind

Slam-dunks, grand slams, goals, sacks and touchdowns have been at the center of dreams for most kids around the world. Press Play Now Rewind goes one-on-one with professional and collegiate athletes to discuss their high school experiences. We use our youth's infatuation with “ballers” as a hook to get them to listen to life lessons from our guests, who serve as virtual mentors and role models.

Our listeners consist of kids and young adults aged 10-21 and the show is even more impactful when kids and their parents can listen together, then chat openly about the very real, always personal, and often funny topics that will be discussed with our guests.

Why Me?

Guests on this podcast include professional and collegiate athletes, as well as coaches and staff that have an inspiring message to share with our young listeners. We look to chat with individuals who are well known for their strong character, moral fiber, and sincere inclination to “pay it forward.” Guests of Press Play Now Rewind are keenly aware of the media’s slant toward negative headlines and know kids, especially from challenged neighborhoods, could use a 'lil inspiration.

Interview Details

Depending on the date and guest availability, we record these audio podcasts via our mobile studio or an online tool like Skype. Interviews typically last 15-20 minutes and are either one-on-one or panel discussions with other guests.

Accepting Our Invitation

We record Press Play Now Rewind on Saturdays from 10:00-11:00am PST but also typically work around our guests on/off season schedule. If you’re down to chat please click here to send us an email or here to tweet us your availability.

Also, if applicable please feel free to to introduce us to a team member that helps manage your schedule.

If you have a question or wish to decline this invitation for any reason, please email us by clicking here. We look forward to having you as a guest!

The Ambassadors Circle