Next Generation

We define our legacies through the success of children and youth

Stakes are high for present and future generations, so we must facilitate and empower our children to have the most full lives they can. Do you work with youth, are you a parent, or do children's issues really light your fire to #DoMoreGood? Then this passion area is for you!

Stories about Next Generation

July 05, 2020 - We’re hoping more of us are now woke to the experiences of indigenous, Black and brown people in this country and why some may have the “nope, not today” feels on this 4th of July. Read more
June 03, 2020 - The Ambassadors Circle is a black owned and led business. Everything we do is on behalf of and for vulnerable communities and right now, we are in a fight for our survival. The Circle was founded as a collective because we believe in the collective power of good. Read more
May 19, 2019 - There’s so much to learn in college; information on topics that go deep and learning to become a subject matter expert and honing specific skills for a desired craft. What I didn’t plan, to learn as a first generation college student from Detroit setting foot on campus at Howard University,... Read more