Kimberly Almeida


Kim Almeida leads Levi Strauss Foundation’s commitment to improve the wellbeing of people working in clothing factories around the world. From Haiti to Sri Lanka, she has listened to the needs of the women who make Levi Strauss & Co. products and set up programs to help address the challenges faced by factory workers, be it access to reproductive health information or reducing harassment and gender inequity in the workplace. Kim loves working across a truly global team on an issue she cares deeply about: the wellbeing of the people who make our clothes. Her advice to anyone interested in a sustainable career: “Be patient, embrace every opportunity as a chance to grow and be humble but ambitious in your career. I feel like humility is such a great trait that doesn’t get enough attention. Also, find something that you’re passionate about. For me, my personal and professional interests are one and the same.” She has a Master of Pacific International Affairs from University of California, San Diego’s School of International Relations. Hailing from Guatemala, Kim is fluent in Spanish and German and proficient in Portuguese.