Katie Otis



Katie is a Creative Director and a fearless leader. She founded Design in Mind in 2002 and has nurtured it into the thriving agency it is today. She loves to lead brainstorms and critiques and gives each of her team members inspiration to bring their ideas to fruition. From a young age, Katie knew she was born to create. She grew up in Oakland and spent many of her favorite moments behind an easel. A good friend once told her to “paint what you see” and since then, she has always followed her artistic vision. As an adult, she shifted her focus to digital art. Katie studied Graphic Design and Photography at San Jose State University and worked as a freelancer for years before moving to Yahoo as a member of the Brand Creative Group. This experience positioned her well to work with companies of all sizes, but it must have been the years spent waiting tables that fueled her commitment to quality service. Outside of work, Katie’s priority is her family. She has a big one and between birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations, it seems there’s always a reason to get together. Good food, good wine and precious memories. Katie’s son Zane was born in 2014 and her new life as a mom keeps her even busier – the hardest and most fulfilling job yet! When there’s time, Katie loves shopping and exercise. Whether she’s racing to the next shoe sale, making her way to the yoga studio, or simply hitting the gym, she loves staying active.

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