Help Each Other Out
The recent protests and latest injustices have rightfully demanded our attention and action over the last few weeks.
By Latanya Hilton   |   June 16, 2020

We also can’t forget that over 44 million Americans have filed unemployed claims as a result of the economic fallout of the coronavirus. Small businesses and the gig economy have been some of the hardest hit communities and The Ambassadors Circle is dedicated to providing support as we continue to navigate through this crisis.


Recently we hosted a Circle Session to share how we can help each other out, kicking off a session with participants sharing their hopes for the collective.  Lisa shared "My hope for all of you is that you stay connected, share solid resources and find ways to THRIVE," while Paloma offered "My hope for all of you is abundance!" 

And in the spirit of sharing solid resources, we featured speakers LT Hilton, Katie Otis and Jennifer Bradford who shared their real talk observations on applying for federal stimulus dollars and unemployment assistance. Top learnings include:

  • Get On it!  Being available and prepared to react to stimulus help is half the battle.
  • If not already, invest in getting your business information organized, digitized and up to date.
  • Experts advise against drawing unemployment and receiving a paycheck protection loan during the same time period. It could be considered “double-dipping”.
  • Many Ambassadors are rethinking big banks and considering smaller alternative financial institutions.
  • We have to help each other out! We’re all having similar experiences.

The chat box was also lit with resources and ideas! Check out a few of the top ones below:

Additional Paycheck Protection Program Lender Options

Business Tools

Reducing expenses

  • Consider lowering your car insurance by reducing your annual mileage. 
  • Call your student loan lender to request a forbearance if necessary.
  • Call your banks, credit card companies and insurance agencies if you need help!

We then dived into a “when the rent is due” conversation with Prometheus Real Estate Group’s Senior Neighborhood Director Alan Bradford, who dropped his helpful tips on navigating landlord/tenant relationships during the COVID-19 crisis.  Landlords and tenants on the call swapped tips and several Ambassadors suggested checking out Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj where he breaks down the details of renters rights in “What Happens When You Can’t Pay Rent.”

We closed out with an interactive session acknowledging May’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Session attendees selected five people to encourage (including a fellow attendee!) and we all picked one area in our house to declutter.  The feedback has been super inspiring. One Ambassador shared “Thanks to the circle for the “clean one area” challenge. This is the first time I’ve seen the floor in months!”

We’re finding these curated conversations really helpful to keeping our spirits and motivations lifted. If you know someone who could benefit from this information, we invite you to share this email.

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Until next time, help each other out ya'll!