Love, lust, break ups and make-ups are the playthings of music, reality TV and dramas while the positive connections we crave are often elusive in real life. Exploration of meaningful bonds found and lost is a dangerous adventure… but we’re up for the challenge!

Hearts & Arrows explores 21st century dating, getting into or out of relationships, inspiring or sometimes hilarious stories from the married, and sex talk that might make your mother blush. We chat with brave men and women willing to discuss the very thing that connects us all... even if we haven’t figured out what that is quite yet!


Love and Basketball?!

Ep. 2: February 10, 2016

Love is possible! And Kelsey and Marlon are loving proof. On this episode they take us down memory lane; from throwing elbows on the basketball court as “friends” to discovering there was more to be as lovers. As many of us know at times it’s all about timing so we dig into how this couple found love through friendship, sweating together and taking it one gym date at a time. (For mature audiences).

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Online Dating, Peter Pans and Orgasmic Meditation Take Center Mic

Ep. 1: November 19, 2015

In this day and age of swiping to the left, finding meaningful and lasting connections can be roooouuugggh. On this episode Maria describes the crap that is online dating, Lamat gives single people looking for that special person some hope, Ashley clues us in on "Peter Panning" and Jamarr gives us a lesson on orgasmic meditation. Yup. You read that right. 

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[This episode is best suited for adults]