Gig Alert - Artists & Performers
An open invitation for artists and performers interested in participating in Survivors Speak 2020 hosted in the State Capitals of Florida, Illinois, Ohio, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as well as Houston, Texas
By The Ambassadors Circle   |   February 13, 2020

Over the last seven years, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (CSSJ) has hosted annual conventions for survivors of crime, system leaders, and influencers from across the country to call for a reallocation of corrections resources, with a primary focus on prevention, rehabilitation and support for crime victims.  Highlighting communities that are typically the most harmed yet the least helped, crime survivors come together each year to advocate for safer communities by sharing their personal stories to bring about change!

This movement has helped increase the number of trauma recovery centers across the country, passed historic laws as well as other smart safety solutions that prioritize the needs of survivors.  And the movement is growing with over 30,000 members across the country!

Each event brings people together from all walks of life who have directly or indirectly experienced violent crime. The conference is designed for survivors to honor themselves and their loved ones as well as bring about policy change that will result in safer communities.

Melanie Fiona and guitarist duo at Survivors Speak California
The Jesus Diaz Band performing at Survivors Speak California 2019

In addition to powerful speakers, the artists and performers that connect to this effort and contribute their talent and energy help to make each of these events memorable and honorable.  

On behalf of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, The Ambassadors Circle is curating local professionals, especially those that are crime survivors, to participate in the production of Survivors Speak 2020 in the following areas through paid stipends:

  • Cultural performances, choirs and dance troupes (Multilingual welcome!)
  • DJs, musical and spoken word artists, bands and performers

Please share this info with your Circle and encourage interested parties to submit an inquiry by completing the form below.  All submissions will receive a response from a member of our team.

The Ambassadors Circle