Founding Ambassador Latanya Hilton Named President of Archbishop Mitty High School
The Ambassadors Circle is thrilled to announce that Founding Ambassador Latanya Nailah Hilton has been named President of Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, CA.
By Latanya Hilton   |   November 11, 2020



Beginning July 2021, Latanya will return to her alma mater as the school's first woman of color President, bringing her commitment to faith, healing, justice, equity, and compassionate leadership to the 56-year old institution. As the daughter of a career educator, she assumes this role with great pride and will serve a community of over 1700 9-12th graders, tens of thousands of alumni around the world, and a strong reputation of academic, athletic and service excellence.

Reflecting on her appointment, Latanya shares, "The stakes are high and there is no better time for current and future students to know that each and every single one of us has the capacity to shatter barriers, contribute at the highest levels, and change the world.  As founders, we started the Ambassadors Circle with exactly these types of leadership opportunities in mind so we can leverage our collective gifts and talents to achieve our mission to do more good. In these unprecedented times, I am humbled and honored to assume a leadership opportunity that will allow us to expand our sphere of influence and help shape the next generation of justice warriors."

As a social entrepreneur, Latanya helped build The Ambassadors Circle, LLC as a boutique agency that supports local and national efforts across nine distinct passion areas such as criminal justice reform, our democracy, and education. As Latanya's husband and partner, I continue to be amazed at the glow she creates in every room and every situation and I'm extremely proud of not just who she is and what she has accomplished, but what I know is to come.  Around the Circle we have no doubt that LT will make an awesome impact on the field of education, the Mitty community, and our hometown of San Jose. She will do this through audacious vision, mindful leadership, empathy, and of course, representation.  Congratulations LT!  Do more good! 😉 

The Ambassadors Circle is and always has been a diverse and creative collective on a mission to do more good. In these historic times, we continue to be inspired by each and every one of you and on behalf of all those around the circle, we thank you for your ongoing support.