Ezra J Stanley



With a BA in Cinema, Ezra J. is a multi-award winning Screen Artist, Director, and Writer who co-founded AboveGrey Pictures, a boutique that creates cinematically engaging commercials, music videos, and films. Most recently, he won Best Commercial as Writer-Director for his cinematic Toymail "Pancakes" commercial at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, billed as the "Cannes of Short Films." Being a native of San Francisco, along with his Belize heritage from his father of Mayan descent and mother of Garifuna (black Caribbean) descent, have contributed to his extraordinarily versatile, original, and socially conscious onscreen work. Ezra J. has designed and directed benefit concerts to entertain audiences that number into the thousands, including shows for the United Nations, the American India Foundation, and TiEcon. He is currently focusing on developing character-driven film projects. When Ezra J. is not crafting stories, you can almost guarantee he's out surfing, motorcycling, or dissecting films.