What are you passionate about?

As Ambassadors we focus our efforts on nine passion areas that touch all of our lives. Some Ambassadors are change making leaders of their fields while others use their talents and expertise to help support and launch meaningful actions.

Check out each of our nine passion areas and then let us know, what are you passionate about?

    Arts & Culture
    Artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, actors--they are integral to any culture's survival and health!
    Criminal Justice Reform
    If you are passionate about social and racial justice and having fair and fairly enforced laws that build healthier, safer communities and families, then this passion area is for you!
    These political times have some of us running to become more informed and more active; others of us may be feeling that our political activism has little to no effect.
    Environmental Crisis
    Global warming is real. Our environment is a prescious and finite resource, and we humans have impacted it tremendously in the past hundreds of years--negatively.
    Equality & Equity
    As much as we may think of human rights and equality as an international topic, there is much to do domestically to promote the free and fair treatment of all those on American soil.
    Health & Wellness
    Are you all about keeping your body and mind feeling good, free, and youthful? In this passion area, we are working and learning from the best in Western and Eastern modes of wellness.
    Next Generation
    Stakes are high for present and future generations, so we must facilitate and enpower our children to have the most full lives they can.
    Our Local Community
    Every city is unique, every neighborhood has a story, as do the people who live in it.
    Science & Technology
    The latest developments in the scientific and technological world are more and more being applied to help solve some of the worlds most ardent problems.