Folks support the The Ambassadors Circle for a variety of reasons:

  • To inspire our tribes through storytelling that motivates us towards positive action.
  • To equip ourselves and others with meaningful opportunities to demonstrate social responsibility.
  • To connect with others with different passions but a similar vibe.

What are you passionate about?

As Ambassadors we focus our efforts on nine passion areas that touch all of our lives. Some Ambassadors are change making leaders of their fields while others use their talents and expertise to help support and launch meaningful actions.

Check out each of our nine passion areas and then let us know, what are you passionate about?


Arts & Culture
Ambassadors of Arts & Culture use their creative gifts to build bridges. Our original podcast episode "heART of the City", delves more into how creatives are the heartbeats of our cities and communities.

Next Generation
In our Children & Youth passion area, we seek to define our legacies by the success of the next generation. In San Francisco, we're supporting Urban Ed Academy so they can double the number of black male teachers and positively impact educational outcomes for all students.

Criminal Justice Reform
Ambassadors of Criminal Justice Reform understand that policy changes can help to create safe communities. Survivors Speak, a project of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, seeks to amplify the voices of crime survivors to reallocate investments into prevention and treatment, not more prisons and jails.

Environmental Crisis
We pledge to change our habits for the benefit of Mother Earth. Right now, our focus is on making better ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Learn more here.

Health & Wellness
As a collective we will strive for balance - mind, body and soul. "Beyond the Pink" teaches us all how to become better allies to patients and loved ones undergoing breast cancer treatment, the most common form of cancer among women.

Equality & Equity
We will fight for equality and equity for all. Listen now to "Immigration Nation", our most listened to podcast episode ever.

Our Local Community
We will mobilize to strengthen our neighborhoods. For the circle, this means our home - the San Francisco Bay Area. Our original 360BayArea podcast features the headlines and hashtags that shape our communities.

We will advocate for leadership that is for the people. Leadership like the kind Public Rights Project is developing by training and placing talented attorneys in state and local government to better protect the rights that define us as Americans.

Science & Technology
We will harness innovation to do more good. Ambassadors of Science and Technology explore the ethical impacts of science and technological advancements on society.