We advocate for government for and by the people

These political times have some of us running to become more informed and more active; others of us may be feeling that our political activism has little to no effect. We take a bite-sized and pragmatic approach to ways that Ambassadors can and do make a positive change through political actions and government partnerships. From your City Hall, District Attorney's office, or even City Council, we believe that government does not have to mean corruption, impasse, and fake news--it can and should be standing up to unfair and illegal policies and laws. Energized by what you can do, even outside of the Beltway's political landscape? Then join us in this passion area!

Stories about Democracy

September 17, 2020 - Vote With Love surprised us all. What started in 2016 as a few t-shirts and a message has grown into a philosophy and a way of life. Read more
August 14, 2020 - There’s historic moves happening in our democracy right now and as our newsfeeds get a lot more colorful, here’s something else to consider. It’s quite possible that almost every bit of plastic any of us have ever used in our lifetimes is still somewhere on earth - even your very... Read more
July 27, 2020 - July 26th marks 100 days until the November 3rd election. You read that right. 100 days. Is that a lot of time or nah? Read more
July 05, 2020 - We’re hoping more of us are now woke to the experiences of indigenous, Black and brown people in this country and why some may have the “nope, not today” feels on this 4th of July. Read more
November 21, 2019 - I’ve never really been involved in local politics. It’s just not my jam. Until my best friend decided to go for her big dream and run for an elected position in a major city. And then it became personal. Read more
July 19, 2019 - Our goal with this conversation is to INSPIRE you to pay attention, CONNECT you with others around the Circle who care deeply about this topic and EQUIP you with simple steps you can take to increase your advocacy wherever you live. Read more
June 23, 2019 - Ambassador Jill Habig launches Affirmative Litigation Fellowship with 29 Fellows, further protecting the rights of vulnerable communities. Read more
April 27, 2019 - We talked to Ambassador Jill Habig, Founder & President of Public Rights Project, on their focus this year, her recent trip to Montgomery & Selma, AL and what motivated her to be an Ambassador. Read more
May 22, 2018 - Meet Ambassador Suzy Loftus. A native San Franciscan, Suzy’s mission is to help elect, protect, and serve the city. She is an Ambassador for the promise and dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. To learn more about Suzy, visit her on Twitter @suzyloftus. Read more