Lyrics and melodies plus code and downloads, mindful design and funky fashion. We’re pinpointing the birthplace of inspiration inside the brightest minds in music, technology and design.

Beats, Geek, Chic will chat up trendsetters, innovators and icons from each industry to hear what happens when these three motifs mix and mingle on a regular basis.



Ep. 2: November 19, 2015

Beats Geek Chic seeks to find the genesis of creativity from which the colorful industries of music, technology and design are born!

On this episode, Daryle talks the art of photography, Marc describes his love of music from Mint Condition to Britney Spears, and Kevin tells us why he thinks that Apple isn’t actually a tech company…hmm.

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Beats Geek Chic: Episode 1

Ep. 1: November 19, 2015

On Beats Geek Chic we'll be blending trendsetters, innovators and icons from the industries of music, tech and design for entertaining and inspiring conversations. On this episode Leila describes the role music plays in all of our lives, John tells us how software engineering is like new-age carpentry and Lulue wonders who decided skinny jeans would be popular. Listen to these guests and more on this episode of Beats Geek Chic.

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