Ep. 2: November 19, 2015

Beats Geek Chic seeks to find the genesis of creativity from which the colorful industries of music, technology and design are born!

On this episode, Daryle talks the art of photography, Marc describes his love of music from Mint Condition to Britney Spears, and Kevin tells us why he thinks that Apple isn’t actually a tech company…hmm.

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Nipsey Hussle and the #TimeDone Movement

As Ambassadors of Criminal Justice Reform, we're honored to support change makers like Jay JordanCalifornians for Safety and Justice and Nipsey Hussle who helped launch the Time Done movement before he passed.  As many of us continue to mourn the loss of this prolific artist, entrepreneur and activist, we also continue to amplify this important campaign to change policies that negatively impact 70 million Americans who face a lifetime of barriers due to a past conviction or record.

On a chilly October night at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, several of us watched Nipsey Hussle, Goapele, Ty Dolla $ign launch the #TimeDone campaign. In between their performances, we stood with pride as concert goers watched feature videos that we produced with Red Earth LA, sharing the stories of Jay and several others impacted by the 48,000 legal restrictions on people living with past convictions.

Fast forward from that night and we were with our fam from Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice at #SurvivorsSpeak Florida when we got the news that Nipsey Hussle had been shot and pronounced dead.  We stood in front of a team of people ready to welcome crime survivors from all over the state of Florida just as close-to-home violence stole our enthusiasm and weighed on our hearts in a tragically familiar way.

Those of us old enough to experience the tragic deaths of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Mac Dre and many others were familiar with this feeling.  Just as an early generation knew the sting of violence with giants like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, we knew once again that we'd lost a hero, a role model and a young man with influence who was trying to do more good in his community.

In the work of doing good, we are often in close contact with tragic topics, negativity and the realities of the darkness that our human society is capable of.  So it was especially gratifying to watch the internet embrace and widely share this recent video that paid tribute to Nipsey and reminded viewers that the work of #TimeDone is just getting started.

Criminal Justice Reform is one of the Ambassadors Circle's 9 passion areas, and we are humbled to be able to support and amplify this important work. We are thankful to the creatives we work who help us produce digital media with meaning that can influence and carry a positive message around the world.

We invite and encourage you to watch and share the suite of videos and text Time Done to 72345 to join the movement. 

Just like the marathon, the work to do more good continues. We thank all of you around the Circle for your support and dedication to make change happen in our lifetime!


Ambassadors LT & j-




Jay Jordan on How the #TimeDone Campaign Impacts His Family

"I can't sell real estate, I can't sell insurance, I can't be a bingo caller, I can't be a dog walker…and the list goes on and on and on.” - Jay Jordan - Executive Director for Californians for Safety and Justice

The Ambassadors Circle (with Red Earth LA) was fortunate to sit down with folks who have been negatively impacted by the over 40,000 legal barriers faced by 70 million Americans with a record or conviction even after serving their time and paying their debts.

We heard brave stories about the shame that sometimes covers them and their families, challenges getting suitable housing or employment and feeling the effects of a criminal justice system gone awry. #TimeDone is an effort to remove legal barriers that don't make sense and don't provide opportunities for individuals to successfully integrate back into our communities.

Learn More:



Paid Summer Production Internships

Paid Summer Production Internships Available
(June - August 2019 - Up to 20 hours/week)


We’re looking for superstars to contribute as production interns to The Ambassadors Circle team during the summer of 2019. Our internship program will provide weekly assignments that will challenge creative and communication skills while providing opportunities for growth and development. The goal of our internship program is to help unleash your talent, refine your goals and help you discover not just your passions, but your purpose.


  • Research hot button social justice issues, solutions, organizations, potential Ambassadors and partners
  • Assist with Ambassador relations outreach activities
  • Support the team with content review and editing of audio and video footage
  • Provide production assistant duties on various video and audio content captures
  • Attend and assist with small and large scale event production, management and planning
  • Other activities as interested and needed


  • Creative with a healthy sense of humor
  • Positive attitude and strong desire to learn
  • Amenable to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Punctual with an unwavering commitment to follow up
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to articulate views and opinions with clarity and confidence
  • Familiarity with basic productivity tools like Google Docs, Asana, Box and others


  • $15/hour
  • Flexible work schedule with 1-2 days a week recommended at our downtown San Francisco office.


Our office is located at Covo, 981 Mission Street in San Francisco, however many of our team members work remotely. We use Google hangout and Uber Conference for team planning meetings. Interns can work remotely, should have access to a computer, high-speed Internet, and occasional transportation into San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area for certain meetings.


Please send cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile (if applicable) to Thank you for your interest, energy and time. We look forward to hearing from you.


The Ambassadors Circle exists to inspire and equip our tribes to Do More Good. As Ambassadors we focus our efforts on nine passion areas that touch all of our lives. Some Ambassadors are change making leaders of their fields while others use their talents and expertise to help support and launch meaningful initiatives. As a collective, we #producemoregood by offering full service fundraising, marketing and production services to help amplify the efforts of do gooders. Powered by creatives and strategists from underrepresented communities, we live to take on challenging opportunities that allow us to flex our gifts and talents. If you're feelin' this... then we invite you to join the circle!



Learning how to grow your own food is not only good for the environment but good for the soul.

photo credit:

The challenges posed by climate change are getting more and more apparent by the day. These tumultuous times pose some major questions about a topic near and dear to our hearts (and stomachs): food, and where we get it. How can we shift our food systems towards a sustainable future? How can we start becoming better informed about where our food comes from?

Food systems in the US accounts for nearly 16% of national fossil fuel use, and that's largely due to the distance traveled to get on your plate.  One major step in the right direction is to seek out and support local farms that prioritize environmental responsibility, like Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastopole, CA. Their commitment to growing crops without use of farm machinery means that their soil retains much more moisture - and, following that, means that they use much less water in a drought-stricken state. Here's a deep dive into just how that works!

Let's be real, almost no one is 100% eco-perfect all the time. But shifting how we think about our food consumption is a great way to integrate environmental consciousness into your day-to-day, and it's never too late to start!

Looking for a farmer's market near you? The US Department of Agriculture has a directory for just that purpose.

If you want to try and take things even further, why not join your local community garden -- or even start one of your own? Learning how to grow your own food is not only good for the environment but good for the soul, too. A quick search of "community garden + [your city]" is all you need to get started. The network of National Garden Clubs is another great resource!



SF Based Program Recruits Black Male Teachers from HBCU’s


There’s so much to learn in college; information on topics that go deep and learning to become a subject matter expert and honing specific skills for a desired craft. What I didn’t plan, to learn as a first generation college student from Detroit setting foot on campus at Howard University, was the fact that many of my peers who grew up in the States were coming from schools where they didn’t see themselves. They didn’t grow up with Black teachers. How could this be? Some of my peers came from Baltimore, St. Louis, and Atlanta. I was shocked. For some of my peers, attending Howard was their first encounter with a teacher who looked like them. For others, it was only their second or third experience. My mind was blown. Each time I tried to wrap my mind around this idea, I had more questions to ask: Who did you look up to? How did you relate to your teachers? Did you feel understood? Did you ever see yourself becoming a teacher? The list of questions that came to my mind were exhaustive. Intuitively, I knew this to be true: representation matters. I was fortunate enough to know this and privileged to have matriculated from Kindergarten to college with more Black teachers than I can count on both hands, many of whom I remain in contact.

Johns Hopkins University published a study that shows low-income Black students who have at least one black teacher in elementary school are significantly more likely to graduate high school and consider attending college. How many Black students, like many of my peers who never had a Black teacher, were not fortunate enough to attend Howard University, or any other university for that matter? What would it take to change that? These were questions I thought about for years before I eventually stepped into the classroom and experienced first-hand the benefits of Black teachers, especially demonstrated with my Black male students. Again, my mind was blown.

Then I discovered something new, something that was seemingly too good to be true, and something that had never been done before. I found a program that was recruiting Black male graduates from HBCU’s, training them to become teachers and providing housing for them in the remaining Black neighborhoods of San Francisco, California. Urban Ed Academy is an education non profit that knows representation matters and is dedicated to addressing the problem. I am beyond blessed to work alongside amazing individuals who are dedicated to this work. Together we will change the narrative of representation for our children and youth in education.




Check out some of the best Arts & Culture Events in the SF Area


It’s time. Time to get out and about. Time to embrace the spring weather, pull the gang together, and start filling our social calendars with activities. But while we love a good picnic in Dolores Park, sailing on the Bay, or planning for one of the many outdoor music events, we’d like to remind you that our Ambassadors are also participating, or creating, experiences that could use The Circle’s support!

2 years ago, we dedicated two 360BayArea podcasts to our friends in the arts, chatting with people in the kinetic arts, theater, film, and the museum world. Over the last few weeks, all of these artists have debuted new projects. We’d love to show these guys some love, so stick these dates on your calendars, and let’s GO!


APICC presents Agrarianaa: Art Inspired by APA Agricultural Roots

May 3 – May 23, 2019
SOMArts, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA

In February 2017, we met the team at SOMArts, and they joined us on our podcast “The Art of Sex Work,” featuring Maria Jenson, Executive Director. We learned about their curatorial residencies, and they just unveiled their Spring 2019 show, Agrarianaa: Art Inspired by APA Agricultural Roots. Agrarianaa is a multimedia exhibition featuring over 25 artists and farmers rooted in the rich history of Asian Pacific American agricultural crafts, legacies and present-day community placemaking. Artists in the show reflect on ancestral farming and gardening practices and address interconnected topics such as migrant labor, environmental activism, land and food sovereignty. The show will run until May 23rd.


Off Broadway West Theater Company
Bakersfield Mist
May 2 - June 1, 2019
The Phoenix Theater, 414 Mason Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA
Tickets available

Artistic Director Richard Harder joined us for our #HeARTofTheCity episode in July 2017, and after a small hiatus, the company has returned with Stephen Sack’s play, Bakersfield Mist, a comedy-drama which explores issues of class, authenticity, art, and principle.

THE STORY: Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a few bucks from a thrift store. Despite almost trashing it, she’s now convinced it’s a lost masterpiece by Jackson Pollock worth millions. But when world-class art expert Lionel Percy flies over from New York and arrives at her trailer home in Bakersfield to authenticate the painting, he has no idea what he is about to discover. BASED ON A TRUE STORY!

The play will run until June 1.


Nemo Gould
Kinetics: Arts in Motion
May 5 - August 11, 2019
Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh Street, Santa Rosa, CA
Admission: $10

Nemo was also a guest on #HeARTofTheCity, and specialized in Kinetic Art, which is described as “art which incorporates motion, light, sound, and interactivity with the viewer.” He is currently in a show at the Museum of Sonoma County with 13 other artists who specialize in the same medium.

“To be identified as Kinetic Art it must contain movement. Motion can be generated through natural sources such as air currents, gravity, and light, or through interventions such as mechanical motors, electrical power, and human contact. Kinetics: Art in Motion presents contemporary California artists that continue these investigations, and whose works reflect a variety of styles and modes of movement.”


AboveGrey Pictures
Gold-In You San Francisco

Film partners Ezra J. Stanley and Michael Axtell of AboveGrey Pictures continue to be as busy as ever, working on everything from fashion films to music videos, to their personal film projects! Their most recent piece, "Gold-In You San Francisco", a sustainable fashion film about oneness and spiritual awareness, is out, and we were very lucky to be invited to visit the shoot with a few Ambassadors. They also are producing music video content for the Black Cat SF jazz club in the historic Tenderloin district in the old Hollywood-noir style, featuring Grammy-winners Keyon Harrold and Bilal as well as Oakland-native singer-songwriter Goapele.

For their individual projects, Ezra continues to develop his script for a drama set in Belize, where his parents were born and where he split his time growing up. Michael is getting closer to finishing a screener version for his first feature documentary film, "Nyogon: together", and we hope that when both these projects move into the “ready to be previewed” space, the ACircle will be invited for a sneak peek!



Jill on protecting our most basic civil rights

JIll Habig

We talked to Ambassador Jill Habig, Founder & President of Public Rights Project, on their focus this year, her recent trip to Montgomery & Selma, AL and what motivated her to be an Ambassador.

TAC: What will you as a leader focus more on this year?

JH: The goal for 2019 is to tell better stories. We get so wrapped up with the nitty gritty, legal weeds of a case, we forget to zoom out and talk about the human beings who are impacted by those cases. For example, Matilda Cortez, a hotel housekeeper in Oakland had a case where she was denied wages, sick leave and benefits for 4 years before she found help by the Oakland City Attorney's office.

Right now we are seeing a dramatic rollback of peoples basic rights and federal environment protection. A dramatic rollback of federal housing and urban development. A gap between our laws and how ppl are treated. Our Solution? To ACTIVATE state and local government to do proactive work on behalf of their communities so people are protected.

TAC: How did your recent trip to Montgomery and Selma, AL drive your mission and your work?

JH: It was a life-altering experience for us to be there and sit with the traumatic, violent history of this country built on the backs of enslaved people and now continuing to built on the backs of the generational trauma and harm that that has caused and the continuing legacy of mass incarceration and racial discrimination.

And so as an organization that is dedicated to using the power of government for good we want to build a pipeline of diverse and talented lawyers into state and local government. We want to activate state and local government to better protect their residents.

We can’t do that unless we confront the history and frankly the continued continued presence of government that actually does the opposite of those things, that actually perpetuates inequity and perpetuates violence against communities.

If we’re going to try to build a government that’s serving all its people we have to think about how government has been used to oppress people and think about how we can both confront that history and change it through the people and the systems we put in place in our own state and local governments.

It was important for our team to think deliberately about how we make sure we are embedding equity into our work. Montgomery was a powerful reminder of our history and the importance of embedding equity into government which is vital to build a different future instead of perpetuating the same pattern.

TAC: What motivated you to become an Ambassador?

JH: What's exciting about The Ambassador’s Circle is the unique network of talented, creative people who are using their abilities not just to make a living, but make the world a better place. A collective of people who are trying to martial their talents to improve the world we live in and the way each of us can make an impact, through our daily jobs or daily actions. The premise that we all have a lot of power and question of how we use it and use it collectively.

Learn more about Public Rights Project by following them on Facebook and LinkedIN




Watch footage from Survivors Speak Texas 2019

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice bus from all over Texas to advocate for investments in programs and policies that stop the cycle of crime and support survivors. The very first #SurvivorsSpeak Texas brings together a community of Texans who are healing through action and hoping you will join them in advocating for those that are the most harmed and least helped.

I Am A Survivor.  200 crime survivors from all over the state of Texas bus to the State Capitol to declare "I am a Survivor!" for the first ever #SurvivorsSpeak Texas 2019 presented by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.

“Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice Reminded me that my victimization isn't who I am… but because of my victimization I have the opportunity to change the world.” - Mariah

Healing Through Action.  200 Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice gather on the steps of the Texas State Capitol to declare that pain can be healed through action and together, with the voices of survivors at the center, we can reform our criminal justice system by creating new safety priorities!

Storytelling: David Austin Price.  “For far too many of us when violence happens it’s the end of the story. And it should be. It should be the prologue. That’s what it should be.” - David

Pain into power.

Love what matters. 

Storytelling: Cathy Taylor. Hear Cathy Taylor's story.

Storytelling: Keith Davis. Hear Keith's story.




#DoMoreGood with Ambassador DJ Shai

Ambassador Shai’La Yvonne, otherwise known as DJ Shai is a dancer, model, cycling instructor, and DJ extraordinaire spinning on the ones and twos. As an Ambassador, she uses her influence to remind us that the most important thing is to remain true to yourself. For more info on Ambassador Shai’La Yvonne check out DJ Shai at .

This video was produced in collaboration with Christopher Alvarez, Courtney Grace Music and The Ambassadors Circle, a growing membership collective using our influence to inspire, connect and equip our tribes to #DoMoreGood. Feelin’ that!? Then join the Circle.



#DoMoreGood with Ambassador Suzy Loftus

Meet Ambassador Suzy Loftus. A native San Franciscan, Suzy’s mission is to help elect, protect, and serve the city. She is an Ambassador for the promise and dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. To learn more about Suzy, visit her on Twitter @suzyloftus.

This video was produced in collaboration with Courtney Grace Music and The Ambassadors Circle, a growing membership collective using our influence to inspire, connect and equip our tribes to #DoMoreGood. Feelin’ that!? Then join the Circle