In 2016, when creatives, strategists and social entrepreneurs came together to form The Ambassadors Circle, LLC, the stakes were high for present and future generations.  

Today, the stakes are even higher.

We realize that when it comes to changing the world for the better, it ain’t always easy - especially alone.

With the strong belief that we are stronger together than apart, The Ambassadors Circle, LLC focuses our collective efforts on nine passion areas that we believe are fundamental to a healthy civilization.  Over the last several years we have worked tirelessly to help launch national and local campaigns to address tough societal issues, fundraised millions to scale innovative movements, and produced events and stories that help to inspire the masses.  And if there is one thing we know for certain, there is lots more to be done.

The year 2020 has brought with it new and unforeseen challenges. Today, as we adapt to and create our “new normal” we remain steadfast in our efforts to: 

  • Support philanthropic efforts and leaders by providing strategic consulting, production and curated services that help move the masses and change the world
  • Support these efforts by building teams of artists, freelancers, and social entrepreneurs, especially from underrepresented communities, and paying a living wage to contribute to meaningful projects with purpose
  • Leverage what we learn from change makers and provide our Supporters with curated information and actions that will inspire and equip the Circle to do more good

So what are you passionate about? Let us know and let's do more good...together!

Thank you for your support,
The Ambassadors Circle