The stakes are high for present and future generations with many agreeing that the current state of the world is pretty much a cluster.

Feeling led to do something to address society’s increasingly urgent challenges, in early 2016 The Ambassadors Circle was born. Founded by social entrepreneurs and life long advocates the membership collective is based on the understanding that each of us wields some degree of influence.

The question we ask will we choose to use it?

After conversations with changemakers, influencers and culture creators, we found the common theme was the need for more people to use their influence to take more meaningful action.

The Ambassadors Circle exists to inspire and equip our tribes to DO MORE GOOD.

People join the circle for lots of reasons. To support inspiring storytelling, to amplify the good works of their tribes or to creatively demonstrate social responsibility. Members tend to have an issue they feel especially passionate about and select from nine passion areas to help focus their efforts.

In addition to serving our Ambassadors we also offer a variety of fundraising, marketing and production services that amplify the efforts of do gooders. Powered by creatives and strategists from underrepresented communities, we live to take on challenging opportunities that allow us to flex our gifts and talents.

If you're feelin' this... we invite you to join the circle!

J & LT