Holly Levow

Co- founded Foundation and Equitas Entertainment Partners



If I had written a personal manifesto as a child, two themes would still very much hold true today at the heart of my current endeavors: optimism and a voracious appetite to experience all that life has to offer.

Through my experience as an attorney, business woman, non-profit advocate, world citizen and mom (maybe, especially, through the last three titles), that optimism has transformed into a mission, excitement and readiness to help grow the social responsibility movement in the world, by growing it in size here in Portland, believing deep down that we can each make a difference, one step and one action at a time. I believe if we make a decision to judge the size less, we will consistently do more.

Today, Foundation merges two of my passions — philanthropy and fashion — to create both a cause and a destination for you here in Portland. A boutique that stands as much for ease, fashion-forward style and elegance, as it does for a direct and immediate ability to be the change we want to see in the world.

Welcome to the place where there’s a cause, a story, an idea, and a myriad of answers just waiting for you to wear them out…

Foundation: fashion +philanthropy ~ fashion with a purpose.

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