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Ep. 3: November 19, 2015

Our show Grasshopper gets its name from the 1970s classic television show, Kung Fu, staring David Carradine. Thanks to the good folks at YouTube, anyone can check out clips from this iconic show and, like on this show, gain some simple, yet practical tips on various aspects of life.

On this episode of Grasshopper we hear from Jorja Jackson, an in-house attorney for one of the largest tech software companies out there. As a subject-matter expert (master), she gives young professionals (grasshoppers) some advice on things like setting and meeting goals. She also shares her thoughts on the hot topic of equal pay for women in the workplace.

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Jorja is an attorney in the Bay Area specializing in employment law. She also serves as faculty at San Francisco State University Extension and UCLA Extension. She graduated from UC Hastings School of Law. READ MORE