100 Days to Election 2020… Will you Vote With Love?
July 26th marks 100 days until the November 3rd election. You read that right. 100 days. Is that a lot of time or nah? 
By Latanya Hilton   |   July 27, 2020

It depends, right?

Well we understand that numbers need context so let’s break down a few other important numbers.

  • The United States ranks 26th in voter turnout among 32 other developed countries. 
  • Voting rights advocates have won zero cases out of four in the Supreme Court.
  • Here are eight reasons Election Day 2020 could be a disaster.
  • There are 23 million immigrants eligible to vote in the upcoming election.
  • There is only one vote that matters. Yours.


In just 100 days, we’ll determine the priorities of our country which will significantly impact present and future generations. We’re working to grow empathy and help voters prepare to cast a more thoughtful and informed vote. 

So we’re asking you to consider your answer to one question.

Will you Vote With Love? 

y en Español... ¿Votarás Con Amor?

  1. If you’re wondering what love has to do with it, check out, votewithlove.org to see for yourself.  
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  3. Still got questions? Let us know. We’re open to any and all feedback.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the love!