Michael Axtell

Video Producer, Documentary Filmmaker

Born and raised in San Francisco’s sunset district, Michal is the award-winning ad producer at AboveGrey Pictures and emerging film director under his own Dreaming Monk Productions label. With a wide range of interests and experiences as a visual artist, educator, travel photographer, poet, and athlete, his work explores the intersection between modern technology, traditional knowledge, and the evolution of human consciousness. He studied film at SF School of Digital Filmmaking and the School of Hard Knocks; he carries a B.A. (Anthropology) from UC Santa Barbara. An intrepid traveler, Michael ‘s work reflects this. His first feature documentary, "Nyogon: together" is an intimate portrayal of a small village in Mali, West Africa, that is using sustainable plant-breeding methods to combat climate change. When he’s not directing or producing, Michael enjoys the balancing act between Zenning out, engaging in late night dancefloor battles, and aggressively rooting for his teams--49ers, Giants, and Warriors.