The Ambassadors Circle is a collective that inspires and equips all of us to #DoMoreGood.

The company was founded by husband and wife team and San Francisco Bay Area natives, LT (see LinkedIn) & j- (see LinkedIn), and designed as a media company with a primary focus on social impact. After growing more and more aware of the challenges our society will face over the next few decades, dozens of people in cities across the country were moved to find a way to use their growing career and influence in a positive way. 

Leaning on years of experience leveraging networks, resources and community building, The Ambassadors Circle LLC was formed as a values based collective that seeks to promote balance, intelligence, health, progress and the bond between positive people.

As Ambassadors, we set out to produce and promote culture forward media and live experiences to enlighten and galvanize our tribes into action.

From pop stars to political factions, philanthropists to protesters, entrepreneurs to schoolteachers; we believe each of us wields some degree of influence.

What will you do with yours?