The Ambassadors Circle is a growing membership collective on a mission to inspire and equip our tribes to #DoMoreGood.

Founded in January 2016 by social entrepreneurs and husband and wife team j- (see LinkedIn) and LT (see LinkedIn), the company was born out of conversations with folks around the globe growing more and more concerned about our society’s increasingly urgent challenges.

With so much at stake, we believe #ApathyIsOurEnemy.

We also believe each of us wields some degree of influence and can use every bit of it to #DoMoreGood.

As Ambassadors, we produce meaningful content that:

  • Inspires - Original podcasts, compelling videos, social media content
  • Connects - Curated volunteer opportunities, groundbreaking initiatives, live experiences
  • Equips - ActionKits, workshops, seminars, curated action gallery

As social entrepreneurs, our strategy is quality over quantity.  Our business is influence.  Our metric is old fashioned engagement.

Feel that?